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The Big NHS Lunchbox

Lunar Green Response have set up this fundraiser to buy lunch for NHS key workers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Our mission

We all look forwards to our favourite prawn sarny and Salt & Vinegar crisps at lunch time when the belly starts a rumbling…however, just imagine how hungry you would be if you had just worked a back to back shift in ICU! These guys and girls are risking everything, saving lives and working as quickly as possible to try and alleviate the ICU capacity issue’s they are currently faced with.

Let’s all dig deep and buy our NHS workers a subways lunch. We have teamed up with our local subways who have agreed to make sandwiches at cost price, so that every day we will empty the piggy bank and buy as many 6” ham and cheese sandwiches as we can and deliver them to our local ICU wards in Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Lunar Green Response are supporting The Big NHS Lunch Box we will kick this off with an initial £2000 of lunches which translates to 665 lunches, so please contribute to the cause, come on we can do this!

Many thanks,

Rob, Rachael, Liam, Nat & Paddy @ The Big NHS Lunch Box


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Contact Us

Rob Garbutt +44 (0)7539 069 115

Paddy Doyle +44 (0)7788 313 322

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